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It was a weekend course in Mosaic in Suffolk, with the marvellous and talented Anne Schwegmann-Fielding that kindled my interest in this particular medium, and I love the feeling of creating a jigsaw puzzle of pieces, with no set picture to follow. Choosing the materials, selecting and cutting the tessera, and adhering and grouting are all elements of a process that lead to a permanent and eye-catching work that can even be displayed outside! 

My most recent commission was an outdoor mosaic piece for a charitable  community project in Swinford County Mayo, called the Butterfly Garden, a place to acknowledge miscarriages, stillbirth, neonatal, infant and child loss, by providing a physical place of comfort and love, that families can visit.
The mosaic was finished at the end of May, 2022, after a long haul of days in my studio and onsite, sitting on a plastic stool in the middle of the forest, swathed in a flapping, cement splattered  rain-mac, battling wind and rain while infilling the butterfly and flower design with green foliage. 
I can say that mosaic making is , in no way, a glamorous activity.

I am a member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM), and I am a founder member of an exciting new organisation in Ireland called the Mosaic Artists Association of Ireland (MAAI) - watch this space.
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