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It was a weekend course in Mosaic in Suffolk, with the marvellous and talented Anne Schwegmann-Fielding that kindled my interest in this particular medium, and I love the feeling of creating a jigsaw puzzle of pieces, with no set picture to follow. Choosing the materials, selecting and cutting the tessera, and adhering and grouting are all elements of a process that lead to a permanent and eye-catching work that can even be displayed outside! 

I am a member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM), and I am a founder member of
an exciting new organisation in Ireland called the Mosaic Artists Association of Ireland - MAAI - newly launched in 2023,visit the website at
I am happy to take commissions for mosaic pieces, either indoor artworks, or items suitable for outside, like house numbers, welcome signs etc. Examples of large commissions and smaller commissioned works are can be viewed below.

Contact me by email, or via facebook to discuss designs and pricing.
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